Tile Cleaning and Sealing, Wood Restoration, Laminate, Non-Slip and more

Wood Restoration

Floors occasionally need some serious TLC. Floor Clinic can assist!

Restoration involves, among other things;
– Removing of old sealer/varnish
– removing marks and stains (if possible)
– Filling holes, repairing grout lines, replacement
 Sealing of tiles and wood
– Sanding, gluing and filling wood

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Nobody wants dirty floors. With the correct Cleaning Products and Methods we can Clean and Prepare all types of Natural Stone Tiles, and Floors.
Preparation of the floor prior to sealing is very important. Various Quality Chemicals are used to achieve a clean surface, ready for application of a coating. Not all tiles are prepared the same way, so consult a professional.

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Protect your Investment! Think of the Sealer as the Flu-Shot for your Floor! Protecting your asset from spills, stains, and enhancing the overall look

– Wood Floor Sealing
– Floor Sealing
– Stone Sealing

– Protect your tiles and floors
– Easier cleaning tiles and floors
– Creates a hygienic environment
– Keeps the tiles and floor looking great
– Long lasting and hard-wearing products available.

  • Sealer
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Epoxy Grouting and Flooring


Hygienic, Aesthetically Pleasing, Hard-wearing, and easy to clean.

– Industrial and Domestic
– Various Colours

– Hard-wearing
– Many Colours Available
– Hygienic
– Epoxy Grouting is great for kitchens and bathrooms
– Industrial Applications

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– Various Colours

– Hard-wearing
– Many Colours Available
– Hygienic
– Great for kitchens and bathrooms
– Industrial Applications

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  • Cemcrete

Laminate Flooring

– Various different styles
– Various thickness

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